Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas!

It's Christmas now, 7 minutes into it. Ollie is sitting on my foot with his Christmas bone securely in mouth and we're in our cozy clean living room next to the pretty Christmas tree. I was so busy today, I didn't take one single photo. Not a one. So you will have to take my word for it (I'll try to make it funny,) but seriously, everything in my life today was spectacular. Everything. I woke up early (early for me has now become 9am) and started baking. We planned lunch with Paula and Greg, and I decided to make miniature quiches (6 different kinds, Broccoli, red pepper and cheddar -- Pear, Brie, Sausage and honey -- Three Cheese -- Spinach and Feta -- Turkey Bacon -- Cheddar Pepper) and fruit salad with mimosas and Chocolate Chip cookies. They came out really good. I was so excited that I actually got them all out of the oven and fully cooked before they got here. I have to say that I was planning on making another side (baked crackers with fruit and cheese,) but I totally melted crackers to the bottom of a pan and just ditched it. I was distracted watching Pushing Daisies, and only half a cup of coffee into my day, so, such is life.

I had the house cleaned and smelling like cheesy goodness by noon, Dougie cleaned the front yard and the dogs were all fed and happy with toys. I threw on a dress and brushed my hair, and our friends showed up. By the way, if you haven't noticed, I LOVE Christmas. I haven't always, but recently, it has become a lot more important to me. Not really the gift giving, or receiving, I don't care about that, but the season, the feeling, and the memories you can create.

Greg and Paula showed up toting lots of presents (which never hurts) and a bag full of bones for the dogs. Lucky little pups, since they get Christmas bones from me every year too! (And birthday bones, and Valentines day bones, and everyday toys) so they were in dog heaven all day today. We ate miniature slices of quiche (surprisingly, the pear quiche was the most popular!) and let the sun come in through the door. After a week of rain, the sun was perfect today.

My dear friends got us the most wonderful gifts, which they did not have to do. I am totally in love with the silver cuff bracelet with 3D roses and vines on it. They also got me a case, yes a CASE of Mexican coca cola, and they got us a year membership to the San Diego zoo and Wildlife park!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! So very excited. That makes me ridiculously happy. Get ready for lots and lots of zoo posts!! We got them some neat stuff and then they left to run errands and get ready for the evening.

We spent the next few hours relaxing, watching TV and playing with the dogs. Kittie came home from exploring the world with another wound on his head. More on that later. We got ready and met Greg and Paula to head over to her families annual Christmas party. Again, no photos. But imagine surf and turf. Oh yes, king crab and steak. I have never eaten so much food in my life. It was incredible and her family is so generous and fun. We played gift exchange and Doug ended up with a sweet new work light and I got myself a little gift card to Target, my favorite place in the universe. Oh, and some white chocolate peppermint bark! Yum! When we could no longer move and everyone was pretty liquored up, we came home and jumped into bed. Lord, I felt like I gained 100 pounds in the course of 8 hours.

We slept in and eventually got up to stockings full of candy (uhm..santa?) and TRUE GRIT!!! What an incredible movie! Ugh, I can't even start to gush over this movie, so I will wait until tomorrow and dedicate a post to this incredible movie. Now, here we are, I have to be at work in 45 minutes. I had nightmares about working today, let's hope it goes smoothly and I get lots of tips and smiles. I'm more interested in smiles honestly, because if I cry on Christmas because of my job, (if you know me at all, this is no surprise) I'll quit. Let's be positive and hope that everyone is cheery and nice.

I'm going to take the next 20 minutes to spend time with my love and then off to the Jewish deli to make White Russians.

Happy Christmas!! Hope it was wonderful. Don't forget about our giveaway!



  1. Those pear quiches sound amazing! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. they were! I want to make more!! yum!