Thursday, December 16, 2010

Adventures to LA to see LOW

I've never been to LA before, but last night we drove up to see one of my favorite bands, Low, play in Silver Lake at Spaceland Theater. It is their Christmas tour right now, and it was unbelievable. We had so much fun, albeit stressful time getting up there. Doug and I bought our tickets over a month ago, but Chris and Stas didn't, so we ended up buying tickets for them off craigslist and having to wait to have them emailed to me, and we ended up hitting traffic and had to find a kinkos to print out the tickets in downtown LA. It was a little messy, but once we ended up at the venue, all was well.
Right by our house, leaving SD for LA.
It was super cloudy and foggy, but really lovely.
We made it! Before the show we went to the The Griffith Observatory, where the fight scene in Rebel Without a Cause, was shot.

The Low show was at Spaceland theatre. I have never valeted a car before in my life, but at this tiny venue, they only have valet. So weird. Drinks were really expenisve and the crowd was super weird, but none of that mattered, we got to see Low. We also ran into Alan and Eric before the show (we got there way early trying to figure out how to print out Stas & Chris's tickets, what a nightmare) but those dudes were super nice and it was cool to meet some really rad musicians.
The entire place was covered in these little green lights.
The show was pretty incredible. I couldn't have imagined it any differently. This was the 5th time Doug has seen Low, but it was my first time and it was their Christmas tour so they played a lot off the Christmas album. So good!!
Also, the opener, Charlie Parr, was AMAZING!

Over all it was a really rad night and I would like to go back up to LA during the day to check out some neat stuff Doug has told me about. Maybe soon! We're going to dog beach and lunch now.


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