Monday, November 8, 2010

A Little Blue

After the longest week of my whole life, we are finally able to move into our house tomorrow morning. We have been so SO lucky to have friends who handed over their house to us while we were in home-purgatory. It has been so stressful and uncomfortable and annoying to have to wait an entire week while all of our clothes, stuff, and our entire shop, have been stored in a shed in a strange place. I'm just really happy that everything is working out the way it needs to. Now, to get jobs and make some money! UGH!

I still can't believe we actually made it out here. Honestly, there were moments that I thought we wouldn't. Since that whole mess with jobs and houses and things changing, it has been quite the struggle to move, but we did it and I'm so proud. This week has aged me though and my chest is still heavy with worry.

This is definitely a huge change for me. I've never lived anywhere but Tucson as an adult and certainly never imagined myself living in San Diego. It really is very beautiful here and I just feel lucky every morning I wake up. Lucky and worried and out of place and scared. (Driving is really scary here. I hope I never have to drive on the freeways.)

On a lighter note, I listed a few new items today. Just some little things that I haven been meaning to get in the shop but they have been packed away in storage.
And a few more items but you'll have to visit the shop to check them out. Honestly, even though I am excited were moving in to our home tomorrow, today has been kind of stressful and I don't feel good. It's really cold and rainy today. The dogs are all curled up under covers, Doug is sleeping already.

Well, this hasn't been the most awesome, uplifting post. Sorry. And maybe that is what seperates me from a lot of the blogs that I read. If I am going to have a personal blog, it will be about the ups and the downs. Even though, right now, this should be an "up" post, the stress has finally won and tonight, I just feel like eating junk food and curling up on the couch with my number one. Yes, I am really, really happy to be here, but this has been really wearing and not an easy transition and it's really getting to both of us. I'm so glad we have each other. I don't know what I would do without this man. He is my whole world. That's a lot of pressure for one man though and I hope he knows how much I love him and that I am here for him too, even though I may just seem scared a lot of the time.

I hope that the cheerful photos made up for my mopey words. I'll feel better tomorrow. I'll take photos of our house tomorrow, too.


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