Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So, after a bunch of trials and tribulations, we made it to San Diego. I left our gas key in Shawn's car, he drove back to Arivaca and I had to call him to come bring it back. Ugh, I felt so bad. But, that's how we started the night. I had to run to ACE Hardware a thousand times to get a thousand different things. We both fell asleep mid-cleaning. Woke up, Jason came over we started loading up the rest of junk into his truck. Jesus. We have a lot of stuff. We had to leave some behind because it didn't fit. Next trip though...We left around 2:30, got on the road, by our second gas stop, Bank of America got confused that I stopped at two different gas stations in one night and froze my card! Ah! That was an adventure at 4am. Drove with a beautiful sunrise at our tail. Doug slept for most of it. I'm better at staying awake and driving all night, for some reason. Listened to some good music, talked to the dogs. Mooky wouldn't stop meowing. It was pretty sad.

Just past El Cajon, I had a phone interview for a new part time job. I got the job, I need to go in for orientation on Thursday Morning. That's rad. It's in-home tutoring, which is nice. I don't want to go back into the classroom anytime soon, especially since our energy has been focused on the shop, but working part time with kids in need is something I am all for.

So, we're here at Greg and Paula's. Our house won't be ready until tomorrow, Thursday at the latest. Ugh. It's super perfect though. We went to see it and it's even cuter than I remember. I can't wait to move in.

Ollie and Milton are playing really well and being super adorable earthquakes running through Paula's house. They are double trouble like no other.
(Doug took this photo of the bffs a few months ago at our old house.)

So, I'm pretty exhausted and I think it's nap time. I feel like we're on vacation, but we're not, this is it. This is the beginning of a new stage in our life together and it's pretty incredible. I took a bunch of photos, but don't have the energy to upload them. More later, of course, when I wake up!


And please be sure to visit our shop, it's so fun and ready for holiday shopping to begin.


  1. What a gorgeous boxer! :]
    We have one too and he is the sweetest thing ever.