Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yard Sale...Yawn...

Yard sales are so ultra boring. When you are the person doing the selling. I have a deep rooted love for going to yard sales, because I love other people's treasures. More than I can even express. I don't mind dust, or spiders, or dog hair, or things that need fixin'. I love it all. But, sitting here, waiting for someone, anyone, to come buy our stuff bores the hell out of me.

When I was a kid, practically raised on yard saling and treasure hunting, I really liked when we had yard sales. I would set up a little table of all my toys and art projects and cookies, and make a few bucks. One year, my dad and I had a massive yard sale. Lots of man-stuff. Tools, cars, stuff from his workshop. I remember so clearly that he took a piece of particle board and spray painted "garage sale" on it in black paint. The paint dripped and sprawled, looking super black metal! I thought it was the neatest sign I had ever seen. We propped it up on the corner down the street and set up for the sale.

A few minutes later, a tiny elderly lady pulled up. She came up to my dad and said "sir, I was a little nervous to come to this sale, I thought it was a bike gang sale, you know, those harley boys, your sign is very scary."

I laughed and laughed. My dad has always been a big, burly woodworking car man, but a biker he is not. Anyways, every yard sale I have had, as an adult, I have always spray painted our signs (if I even put signs up..I'm such a lazy yard seller.)

Well, at least I have my laptop, Charlie, and a jar of coca-cola to keep me company. I think the boys are all watching TV inside. I can hear them laughing. Cruel cruel world.

If you can't make it to our yard sale, visit our shop, it's like an amazing yard sale you can go to in your pajamas.


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