Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stepping Back

It's hard to realize that sometimes there is only so much you can do. I am a worrier. A serious, full time worrier. I worry about everything. Our shop. Our move. Our dogs. I worry about my family, our future, my hair, the weather, the world, our cat, my shoes. You get the point. But right now, I feel like I am doing absolutely as much as I can do, about everything, and I need to take a step back, put the worrying in my pocket and just love the next week and a half we have in Tucson.

As for today, here are some things I love.
Red Velvet Cupcakes from Doug's Solo Show at Chief Print

A bike seat we just added to our shop.

And this little butthead.

Back to cleaning this giant home that won't be ours anymore in 13 days. 2 rooms down, 5 to go. I can't wait to have a smaller house that will be easier to clean and maintain.


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