Friday, October 15, 2010

Nachos, Goal Setting and Christmas Shopping

I have three things on my mind today. All of which are personal and pressing.

One. I am okay with being honest when it comes to food and the way I look. I'm a big fan of nachos, pizza, limon potato chips, coca-cola, pretzels and the like. I also can openly admit that I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. Body image, blaaahdy image. In the past 3 years, I have lost over 80lbs, and in the past 6 months, gained back about 20. The gain back isn't because of my eating habits, it's due to changes in BC, and less bike riding on my behalf. I have never changed my junk food eating habits. When I was vegan for those years, I was at my biggest. It was only after I started eating meat again and riding my bike obsessively (and unfortunately, those years of chain smoking) that I lost all that weight.

(The first bike Doug ever built for me, it completely changed my life)
I remember when I would ride my bike for 30 miles, and go to Time Market and get two slices of pizza, a huge coke and sit on the patio and smoke a pack of cigarettes, easy. Disgusting, but it was some weird phase. I will never smoke cigarettes again, and riding my bike as much as I did was unhealthy and it was only because I was unhappy and going through some really shitty stuff. Everything came fill circle though and now, I'm happy as a clam, and lets just say, rounder. However, I don't have any other vices, and there are only a few foods I can really eat and enjoy anyways, so I guess I am at a point now where I just need to be okay with where I'm at. I have a feeling that since I sold my truck and will be walking dogs a lot and walking to the post office and we'll be super broke, once we get to SD, I will start to slim down again, but I know, and hope that everyone else knows, I can't base my happiness on whether I am a size 6 (but between you and me, I won't get rid of those dresses because I know they'll fit again some day.)

I like junk food. Carbs. Starch. Bread. Chips. Fried chicken. Cheeseburgers. Pizza. Nachos. I am lactose intolerant and have a lot of food allergies, so any and ALL dairy (minus cheese and yogurt) some fruits and veggies, onions, some spices, sugary food and chocolate make me really sick. Breads settle my stomach. I have really low blood pressure, so caffeine helps a lot too. I just don't like basing how I feel on how I look. For the most part, I like the way I look. Doug likes the way I look. I am really happy and yeah, it would be rad to lose a little, but I am not going to stress out on it. Never again.

Two. I have some goals I would like to set and hopefully follow through with:
---be better at keeping our home organized. I am a naturally cluttered person and would like to be better at maintaining a household. It's hard. And I don't even have kids to clean up after, just dogs and us!

---need to take these dogs on long, daily walks again. Living in this area has been awful because it's too sketchy to walk around the neighborhood, even with my huge american bulldog. It's just too dangerous. I love you Ollie, but you can't stop bullets and speeding cars. I can't wait for dog beach, and friendly neighborhoods and better weather.
---sew more, bake more, paint more, create more.
---Be as understanding and productive during this stressful time. I have never moved out of state before and it's scary to me. Breathe deep and enjoy the positives.
---And not as importantly, grow my hair out!! I have this nervous habit of cutting my hair, all the time. It's been hellish to get it past my shoulders. ha! This coming from the girl who used to have hair that measured 36 inches!! Holy hair!

Three. Yes, yesterday, I started shopping for Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year. October-December. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Doug's birthday, Christmas. Last year was AMAZING. This year will be even better! I won't say what I started getting, because who know who lurks on here, but let's just say that all-mighty was my first stop!!!

I have some new items to put in the shop, so check back later for photos and links.
Oh, and also, those of you in Utah, go to this and support this really great cause.



  1. I love Almighty! I first learned of their line when I worked in a boutique in Austin, TX that carried some of their pieces. So rad and I love the Boston love.

  2. tell me about it. cutest little shop. especially for gift shopping!