Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloudy Afternoon

I am totally exhausted. This week has been pretty full of "getting ready to move" type stuff. We have had a chance, since Doug hasn't been working, to do a lot of treasure hunting and have found so many lovely items. Getting ready for the holidays already! I'm excited to put everything in the shop. Some really amazing stuff that I am extra excited about are:

1970s Planet Earth Globe

Brass Deer

Furry Christian Dior Lady Dior Winter Rabbit Fur Cloche (in love!!!)

Vintage 1960s Navy Uniform (very small size)

And a new collection of antlers.

We actually went out last night and had a really wonderful time. I am committed to wearing all of my great shoes again (instead of my flats, all the time) and wore my favorite boots in the entire world. I'm going to post photos from last night, I've just been so caught up with working on the shop that I haven;t had a chace to get them off the camera yet.

We also woke up really early this morning and went to a crazy estate sale with Doug's Dad and Stepmom. There were so many people there, and I got a bad juju vibe from the house. I didn't want to stay long. We picked up a few essentials (you'll see in the shop soon, and I promise, these items only have good juju vibes!!) and then had a really nice lunch at Uno Mas.

Everyone is sleeping now and I'm chugging away with work. It feels good though. Really good. I can't wait for it to be Wednesday. We're going to find a house next week! How exciting! I'll keep you updated. I'm nervous, but once we get out there, it will be fine.

Back to work! Oh and watching Seven Pounds, I'm scared it's going to make me cry...I hope it doesn't rain tonight, it's POLISH FESTIVAL!!!


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