Saturday, September 25, 2010

Momentary Ship Wreck

Oops. I guess you live and learn! I sent out two decanters last week to two different buyers and both were damaged during shipping. Yuck! I know why they broke, NOW, but this learning process is hard. Shipping really fragile items is hard and I need to try harder, charge more for packing products, go above and beyond so that I don't have any more mishaps. :( But, besides that, the estate sales were no good today. French toast breakfast was yummy, drove across town, both ways, to go with the boys to Harbor Freight Tools, and now back home, in bed, "napping" (I can't sleep!!)

We did get some really wonderful paper ephemera last night at Tanque Verde, and a 4 point mounted deer head from Schwartz Studio (same as the bear skin) and he is beautiful, but made me itch carrying him around.

Hmm. Maybe I will take a nap.


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