Friday, September 24, 2010

Later Gator.

Wow. Well, I guess a little pro-activity and self promotion did the trick and not only did we sell three of the four sets of antler, instantly, sold the alligator skin bike seat to a new friend, Alex, who I hope will love the f out of that little guy. I love that seat because it was the catalyst for Doug to start making weird, off the wall type saddles and they are all amazing.

Going to have some good stuff to list in the shop within the next few days, just need to take photos and sit down and do it. I've been spending a lot of time cleaning and running around. Not fun!

Off to the post office and then back here for some serious tooling...buckling down to watch "What Not to Wear" and burn wood print into leather...I'll leave you guessing for now...with this little photo of the test design for our next you know what it's going to be???


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