Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shipping Wreck

I am not good at shipping. I am discovering this, but I am learning. Two days ago, I sold a little vintage owl perfume bottle for $2, and then charged the buyer $2 to ship it. Reasonable. However, when I went to ship it, I ended up paying $4.95 for shipping and packaging. Silly goose! I may not be good at math, but I know that doesn't add up!!

I am learning though. I DON'T want to buy cardboard boxes, there is enough cardboard in the world without me paying $$$ for more! So, that it is important to me to not make more waste, I want to reuse the boxes I already have or the boxes that will be thrown out otherwise.

This is all a learning process for the both of us, and in the near future, I won't be shipping our items in hodgepodge coca-cola boxes, and maybe make them cuter...cute and recycled! Yay!

Any suggestions???

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