Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Funday

I spent a lot of today (besides sitting in the waiting room at the doctors for an hour just so they could weigh me and take my blood pressure) working on new projects.

I choose the 12 photos we are going to print for the show. They are AMAZING! Sneak peek....

I am really excited to go to the print press tomorrow. I'm watching little Tucson tomorrow for a few hours while Stacey is at work and maybe I can get her to model some of the new necklaces for the shop.

Oh, we made time capsule necklaces today with amazing vintage watch parts. We started taking photos but the mosquitoes were eating us alive, so maybe I can list them tomorrow. We'll see. We have a shoot at 7 tomorrow night for Dick, Miriam and their brood. It's going to be fun, they have a big family.

Oh, and by the way I am now obsessed with Closet Cooking and have been drifting through their archive all day. I am definitely making cinnamon bread tonight after dinner.


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