Friday, August 6, 2010

Mild Success

Today has been full of small successes. Finally found a home for this SX70 Polaroid Camera that I have been attempting to rehome for some time.

I definitely sold it for much less than it is worth, but that is the way of things, it will be easier when I am not just online, people will be able to handle my treasures and see them in real life and feel their magic. Dreams. Daydreaming.

I also made bacon chocolate chip cookies which were a huge success (Doug and his students loved them, our roommates loved them too) I baked them in these rad Wilton heart shaped tins, and they came out kind of heart shaped the first time, and very heart shaped on the second batch. As soon as I close the laptop, I am cutting up pineapple and dipping skewers in melted chocolate and ice cream sprinkles and freezing them. That is the plan at least.

The boys have been keeping me company today, I wish I had some more beds in the kitchen (my makeshift office for now) for them to chill on, but they seem to like the tile too. Oh you know, dogs.


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