Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We got the news! Doug got the job and we are out of this place IN 3 WEEKS!!! Hell or high water, here we come San Diego. Although it isn't as easy as you may think...I practically have an entire vintage store to either sell or move..(preferably sell) and 3 bedrooms full of life that need to be carefully packed, gifted or tossed. I am a frenzied mess. Not only that, but I helped Doug fill out his 33 page (YES 33 PAGE) new hire packet, have a show on Friday to set up, a yard sale on Sunday to prepare for and a sick cat. Mokiki is not feeling so great. He has a infection/abscess on his face and it looks pretty painful. He is spending a lot of time on the kitchen counter, sleeping and eating. That's good, the eating part, since last time he got hurt, he wouldn't eat anything.

In the vein of a couple sweet little blogs I often lurk, setting a few goals seems to be the hip thing to do. So here goes. My goals for the remainder of 2010.

one. stop eating out! save money, eat better.
two. make it out to SD alive, with enough money, our sanity and love intact, and a new home waiting for us.
three. be a better dog-mom. spend more time taking the dogs out and socializing them with their new beachbum buddies (and milton of course!! our SD dog-cousin)
four. don't be stressed by change. don't be jealous. don't be so incredibly awkward. (easily said than done...)
five. work on shipping methods and branding my shop. I want to have stickers, tissue paper and packaging that are all in sync with our goals of using recycled materials.
six. the ultimate goal. opening up a store front in SD with my love, our best friend and his love. perfect.
seven,. be the best partner I can be. enjoy my life with the man I love. Not to be super cheesy, but I am so happy, I need to let it grow and live it.

That's all for now, kind of vague. I'm sure I'll come up with more every day!


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